One of our family’s (and all of our guest’s) all-time favorites, Coconut Salmon was born out of a desire to do something different with Red Salmon in particular, though King Salmon and Silver Salmon work fine too.  (Just don’t try this recipe with canned pink salmon, yuck!)

Along the way, we discovered that Thai Chile Sauce complimented our Coconut Salmon absolutely perfectly, so look on the Asian aisle at your local supermarket for Mae Ploy’s Thai Chile Sauce.  More sweet than spicy, you’ll probably start dipping your fries in it too like our kids! 🙂


Boneless, skinless Salmon, cut in strips to resemble the size and shape of a large prawn
Beer batter
Shredded Coconut (sweetened type, we prefer Safeway brand)
Deep fryer or Wok
Cooking Oil (recommend light olive oil, a blend of canola/light olive oil or peanut oil)
Thai Chile Sauce


As you might expect, prepare the beer batter, dip the salmon strips (don’t cut them too thin or they’ll be dry) in the batter and then in the mixture of coconut & panko (40% coconut, 60% panko roughly).  Heat oil in your deep fryer or walk to 355 degrees or until panko crumbs fry on the spot but don’t burn.

Now, be very careful, because this fish will cook fast!  Put one piece in to test the oil further, if it fries nice & golden brown in less than 2 minutes you’re on target, if longer or if it bursts into flames, adjust the temp.  I’ll generally cook 8-10 pieces at a time in our deep fryer with a regulated temperature around 360.  They’ll crisp up beautifully and disappear before you can say “Kop Kun” (Thank You in Thai).  That’s okay, you can always go catch more, right??!!