“Acapulco Restaurant”–Soldotna:  One of the best mexican offerings around.  Small, cramped in fact, but solidly consistent good mexican food with friendly hometown service.  $$$

“Sushi Express”–Soldotna:  New to town in 2015, The Sushis Express used my idea from 15+ years ago to open a sushi drive-thru to offer a healthy alternative. They also have a sit down cafe style dining area with a sushi bar.  Operated by a Chinese proprietor, it comes about as close as you could hope for to authentic sushi this far off the coast of Japan 日本. $$$

“Golden International Chinese Cuisine”–Soldotna:  Nothing beats a fresh bowl of homemade “Wor Wonton” soup at Soldotna’s Golden International Restaurant after a day of fishing the Kenai River–especially if the weather hasn’t been cooperating.  Located just north of town on the Sterling Hwy across from Wilderness Way Outfitters, Golden International has been serving up some of the finest authentic Chinese food for more than 20 years.  Jam packed with beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, veggies, and won tons in a hearty, rich broth, their “Wor Wonton” soup will cure anything that ails you (except maybe that King that got away).  Call 262-7862 and tell them the family with the twin boys sent you!  Oh yeah, the other food is great too, from traditional sweet & sour pork, chow mein, and almond chicken to house specialties like Crispy Scallops & Sizzling Peking Beef, you’ll get your fill of Soldotna’s Chinatown. Now offering Sushi, but we’re naturally skeptical.  Orders to go, but no delivery.  $$$$

“Nikko Garden”–Soldotna:  A Korean owned restaurant, offering a Chinese Buffet and Japanese Sushi–with authentic Korean sushi chefs……..we’d rather drive to Anchorage for sushi at Yamatoya at 36th & Old Seward when we REALLY want to enjoy sushi—or we’ll just make our own here on the river, including fresh King Salmon sashimi with ginger, soy & wasabi.   The Chinese buffet is popular, they’ve recently remodeled and added a special sushi room, and every Friday the place seems extra busy for lunch and dinner, but other nights seem quiet.  Guess we’ll have to go and see why!  $$$$

“Thai Town”–Kenai:  New owners, after the previous family sold the restaurant in 2006 after a 13+ year run.  The only Thai food in the area, all the typical favorites, hot or not, and refreshing on the palate.  Located on Willow Street next to the Kenai Jersey Subs location. 11-8 Monday-Friday. 12-8 Saturdays. Closed on Sundays. To Go.  $$$

Senor Panchos–Soldotna:  Fresh, authentic Mexican food makes this small hole-in-the-wall a good choice for a family or group of fishermen.  Decent prices, nice service overall.  Located on the “strip” in Soldotna Highway, just south of the “Y” on the west side of the Sterling Hwy.  Look for the Auto Spa and you’ll find it just before in a small strip mall.  $$

“Froso’s”–Soldotna:  The fanciest of Greek/Italian/Mexican/Sushi?? combos around.  Nice booths, big salad bar, but the pizza doesn’t excite my taste buds and the mix of so many cuisines confuses my palate to the point that we rarely explore the menu.  The only authentic Japanese sushi chef recently moved from a Korean-Chinese-Sushi place in town to open a sushi bar here, but I don’t quite get it just yet and the prices is on the out-of-reach for a family of six side of life.  Nice place for a business lunch, special family get together or date night.  Friends of our’s like the Seafood Enchiladas, but I just don’t get the taste.  Take-out pizza available.  Our daughters say the food is “okay” overall.  $$$$$

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