In Alaska, getting here is half the fun!  Flying to Alaska, from the Pacific Northwest, West Coast, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, East Coast, Germany, Japan or even China on direct, non-stop flights is the most common way to get here from wherever you may be.

Below you’ll find links to the most common air carriers with non-stop flights from major cities including:  Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Taipei.  Of course, connecting flights with as little as one stop are available from countless cities.  Flight times to Anchorage aren’t as far as you might think, just 3 hours from Seattle, 5 hours from Los Angeles, 5 hours from Minneapolis, 10 hours from Frankfurt and 7 hours from Tokyo.

As you approach the Anchorage airport, you’ll fly right over Prince William Sound, near the ports of Whittier and Seward on the northern Kenai Peninsula, as you float over glacier-capped mountain after mountain with views of the ocean and incredible wilderness.

After landing in Anchorage, you can travel to Kenai Riverfront Resort on the Kenai River in Soldotna by rental car or rental motor home taking from 2.5~3.5 hours; or you can fly on a commuter flight in just 25 minutes.  We recommend a rental car or RV, offering great flexibility and the ability to easily stop along the way for photos at the many beautiful vantage points along the highway.

For other destinations in Alaska, such as Denali National Park or Fairbanks, you can travel by train on the Alaska Railroad. The Alaska Railroad offers deluxe dome sightseeing class service as well as basic coach class service if you’re on a budget. We recommend the deluxe dome for the best experience though!  Tracks run from Anchorage north through Denali National Park, approximately 8 hours, to Fairbanks, 4 hours past Denali.  You can also take the train south past Alyeska Ski Resort in the Girdwood Valley to the port of Whittier just 1.5 hours south of Anchorage, or to the port of Seward, about 2.5 hours further.

Water options in Alaska, aboard the Alaska Marine Highway System are plentiful as well.  High speed and standard speed ferry service, with staterooms optional, is available throughout south central Alaska, connecting the ports of Prince William Sound, Kachemak Bay, and Kodiak Island; as well longer distance trips in Southeast Alaska connecting Washington State with the ports of the Alaska panhandle–Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, and Skagway/Haines.

Traveling to the Kenai River in Soldotna, Alaska is easy!

Below are some of the travel options with flights, rental cars, train, cruise ship and Alaska Marine Highway Ferry that we would recommend.

Our favorite airline for flying to Alaska from the western United States (and more locations in the midwest and east all the time) is:

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers non-stop service from Anchorage to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Honolulu and Kahului (Maui).

Flying time from Seattle to Anchorage is just around 3 hours.  Alaska Airlines also serves the entire west coast, Arizona, Minnesota, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Dallas, Washington D.C., New York, Miami, Orlando, Mexico, Hawaii and more destinations all the time.

From Minneapolis, Minnesota you can also fly Delta or Sun Country Airlines – Charter Service

JetBlue Airways recently announced non-stop flights from its hub, Long Beach, CA, beginning in May.

Delta Airlines flies year-round, non-stop flights from Anchorage to Minneapolis-St. Paul and Salt Lake City. During the summer, routes from Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit are also available.

United Airlines has flights from Chicago, Atlanta and most other major hubs.

American Airlines is a partner with Alaska Airlines, so you generally will be flying on an Alaska Airlines jet if you book with American.

Traveling internationally to Alaska?

Condor Airlines (a subsidiary of Lufthansa) operates charter flights at least once per week from early May to early October.  The flight route is between Frankfurt & Anchorage, and the flight lasts approximately 10 hours.  Round trip tickets can be found during the early and late season for as little as $500~$600 if you’re lucky!

Icelandair began service a few years ago with flights to Alaska from Europe, most with stops in Reykjavik in competition with Condor.

Edelweiss Airlines, based in Switzerland, recently announced weekly service between Anchorage and Zurich. The return flight makes a stop in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

JAL operates charter flights in the summer to Anchorage, and in the late winter/spring they operate the famous Aurora Borealis charters from Tokyo’s Narita airport to Fairbanks, Alaska.

China Airlines operates flights between Anchorage and Taipei.

Flying to the Kenai Peninsula from Anchorage?

For flights between Anchorage International Airport and Kenai Municipal Airport (located just 10 minutes away) we recommend:

Raven Air Alaska
Grant Aviation

For rental cars in Anchorage or Kenai, we recommend:

Thrifty Car Rental

For travel to Alaska by cruise ship, we recommend:

Princess Cruises

For travel to Alaska by the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry system, please visit:

The Alaska Marine Highway System

For travel in and around Alaska by train, we suggest:

The Alaska Railroad

For help with any of your Alaska travel or vacation plans, simply Request a Reservation to request more information quickly and easily online today!