Featured in the ABC Television show “Exploring Alaska” which airs every Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm in Alaska, and around the world on cable networks, our Cajun Cedar Salmon has become popular around Alaska, in fine restaurants and homes alike!  Cedar planks have become regularly available in Alaska and up and down the west coast, as well as in stores like Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops, but you can also make your own simply with dried, untreated natural cedar.  If only I had a lumber mill, and spare time, I’d be producing these in mass.  I’ll keep fishing, and cooking, instead!

This delightfully smokey, moist and tender salmon preparation is easier than you’d think, and is sure to be a hit with your family and friends.  Remember to soak the board well in advance, fully submerged in water, and keep the grill on med-low heat to slow cook and smoke the fish without causing the board to burst into flames! (experience).


Whole sides of Kenai River Sockeye (Red) Salmon or portioned fillets of King or Silver Salmon (Sockeye fillets are thin enough to cook as a whole fillet, but Kings or Silvers are simply too thick to cook evenly), Cedar or Alder grilling planks, Paul Prudhommes Redfish Magic Seasoning or other Cajun blackening spice mix, Brown Sugar, Light Olive Oil or Real Butter.


Skinless salmon works best.  We always skin our fish before we even fillet them, can’t stand the slimy skin, its sure to ruin your appetite!  Start by soaking your grilling plank in water for several hours to keep it from bursting into flames instantly.  Place it on a hot grill or campfire and place an entire Sockeye fillet or portioned King or Silver Salmon steaks, pretty side up, on the board.  Brush or spray lightly with olive oil or butter, sprinkle with seasoning and brown sugar.  Carefully lift from the grilling board to a serving platter, or place the whole charred board on a big platter with the fish for an awesome presentation. Garnish with lemon wedges or  fresh fruit.  You’ll love this sweet smokey salmon!   P.S. You can reuse the cedar planks until the wood is gone. Just burn the juice and oil off or wash it. I usually preheat a used board, face down on the grill to sterilize a bit :).

Cedar Planked Kenai King Salmon