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Kenai River Brown Bear
From our boat this June evening we watched this beautiful Brown Bear swim across the Kenai River and then roam around the beach on the other side of the river, we were really close!

Grouse hunting on the Kenai Peninsula

Grouse hunting is getting good now that the leaves are falling, we’ll be having birds & gravy for dinner tonight!

This pregnant moose wanted to join us for dinner in May.  She swam across the Kenai river and came up our river bank and into our front yard!  She will have her baby/s in a couple weeks.

This immature bald eagle was feasting on fish in a cottonwood tree above the RV Park in May.  He eventually dropped his fish scraps and flew off for more…

We captured this herd of caribou on camera in action just minutes from Kenai Riverfront Resort in May.  We see small herds of caribou wandering in our area throughout the summer, but they head toward the mountains in the fall.