Experience the Denali of your Dreams by letting us help you plan an unforgettable and unique Alaska Dream Trip to Denali this coming season!  We’ll help you decide the best way to experience Denali, whether it’s by train, car, RV, backpacking or even by air.  We’ll find wonderful places for you to stay in Denali National Park, from civilized lodges at the park entrance to all inclusive remote camps deep within the park near the historic gold mining settlement of Kantishna.

Our trips aren’t the boring fare found on cruise ship tour desks, we help you take on Denali as a real adventure and immerse yourself in the wonders of the beautiful national park.  From early morning strolls watching the sunrise over famed Wonder Lake to gold panning in Moose Creek or hiking the tundra for the tastiest wild blueberries in the world, we can help make your Denali dreams come true!

For complete information, rates, and reservations click  Denali National Park for details to plan your own do-it-yourself Denali adventure too! Here’s a few pointers from our Denali experiences:

  1. Denali books early and sells out, so plan well in advance especially for camping, lodging and tours into the park. (You can’t just drive through Denali like you can Yellowstone or Yosemite, you have to go on one of the transit/shuttle buses (green) or tour buses (tan) ranging from 5 hours to 12 hours in length. The longer the better as you’ll probably only live this day once!)
  2. Allow at least 2 nights camping or lodging at Denali, with the tour into the park on your one full day — longer is more relaxed and may let you play the weather factor. (Only roughly 20% of visitors to Denali actually see the peak.)
  3. Stop at the viewpoints of Denali en route north on the Parks Highway, near Talkeetna, then the Denali South Viewpoint on the left side of highway and the Denali North Viewpoint a bit further north on the left side as well. This might just be the best view you’ll get of Denali! These also make good rest stops for cooking or a nap on the long drive. While overnight camping isn’t allowed, you can certainly nap during the night (as we have) if you need to. Just don’t set up a big camp and stay self-contained.
  4. Our favorite campground for RVs at Denali is Riley Creek Campground located right at the entrance to Denali National Park, near the visitor center, and close enough to restaurants and other Denali attractions like the Denali Village, rafting trips, flight seeing, etc.  Our 2nd favorite campground would be Savage River Campground, just a short drive into the actual park where they still allow you to drive a personal vehicle or RV. For a more remote camping experience, look into Teklanika Campground, located the furthest into Denali National Park that you’ll be allowed to drive, but be advised that it’s a good distance from any services — it’s truly camping — and a 3 night minimum is required. Also, you aren’t allowed any back and forth trips to the park entrance, your RV has to stay in the campsite until you depart the park.

Email visitus@thealaskadream.com or Request a Reservation using our online form for more info to help you plan your Denali Experience today!