Hunt Alaska Stories & Field Reports

//Hunt Alaska Stories & Field Reports

In this section we offer our own personal Alaska hunting stories and those of our friends and readers, as well as field reports that talk about hunting conditions, regulation changes, and the best opportunities to have success hunting Alaska.

Just like our “Fresh Catch Fishing Reports“, our stories are personal to us, and a way to share hunting stories with future generations in our family circles. We aren’t hunting pros, just ordinary “Joe” hunters who rely on our own skill, knowledge and a little bit of dumb luck to fill the freezer for the coming winter.

Almoost Success!

I'm just now recovering from "almoost" succeeding in taking a bull moose in a northern Alaska hunting unit where I had won by lottery a coveted "any bull" tag for the 2017 season which ran from [...]

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Taylor’s Mountain Caribou

Taylor James found his mountain caribou on the last day of the hunt after passing on several younger bulls that were just plain acting too silly to be shot. Caribou are interesting animals...different than moose, [...]

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Cooper’s Caribou Dream Come True

Cooper James and his twin brother Taylor proved extremely lucky in the Fortymile Youth Caribou Hunt draw in 2016, as they EACH drew one of the coveted 30 tags available, giving them the golden tickets [...]

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Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Deer

On my first Kodiak boat hunt in 2005, with my eldest daughter then almost 12 years old, I found this beautiful buck on the last hour of the hunt in the middle of a stormy, [...]

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