Alaska offers a vast, wild, and challenging hunting landscape with more variety of wild game species to hunt than anywhere in the country.

For a hunting primer on Alaska while we work on compiling our own Alaska hunting guide for you here on the Alaska Dream, visit the Alaska Department of Fish & Game Hunting, Trapping & Shooting website for “loads” of great intel on Alaska’s hunting scene. If you have a specific interest in Alaska hunting or a question we might be able to help you with, please email us at

Sections to Explore:

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One Key Note:  Alaska offers many general season hunting opportunities, but the annual Alaska Draw Hunt registration period is from November 1st to December 15th. Be sure to mark your calendars and do your research by species and unit to purchase your $5 chance at a coveted, limited, world-class hunt in Alaska.

My Mission:  My mission in sharing this information is not to provide every detail on hunting in Alaska, but rather to provide a pared-down guide to get you started on your own exploration and research. The volume of information out there is daunting, we just want to make it easy to get you jump-started in your effort and share our own passion and philosophy for hunting as we try to preserve and pass it down to the next generation of hunters. Some would say, why share so liberally?  Why not keep it secret as is the case with most hunters? My personal belief is that the more we share about hunting, the better chance we have of passing on this tradition to future generations that are already severely handicapped by our government and anti-hunting interests, threatening both our way of life and constitutional rights as gun owners. One need only look at the declining statistics of hunters in our nation to know that we are soon to be extinct if we don’t grow and develop more hunters. For my part, I’ve introduced many people to hunting over my lifetime, and much more importantly in my mind, I’ve taught many hunters, new and old, how to harvest game meat for delicious consumption. MOST importantly to my own hunting heart though, I’ve quadrupled my place in the hunting world by passing on the tradition in earnest to my own four children – twin boys and two girls – all who have, and will hopefully always, continue our family’s tradition of hunting.