Hailing all the way from Büdingen, Germany, was most definitely the most charming, clever & smart, energetic and charismatic 8 year old boy we’ve ever seen from the whole of Europe! From day 1 he embraced the Kenai River and all that we offer here at the resort with enthusiasm unmatched, despite his limited English skills and first time to Alaska and salmon fishing. He played games with all the kids, even though few words could be spoken, he learned how to tie a Salmon Stryker fly, though he couldn’t understand the verbal instructions, he cooked Stockbrot an the campfire, something uniquely German, and shared his heart, his ambition and his smile freely with all. Then, after hours of fishing the Kenai River over several days, he finally had his chance to fight a Sockeye Salmon all on his own, something a feat any 8 year old would find  challenging—and his success is in the photos you see here!  Congratulations “Captain Salmon”! We truly hope you’ll be back very soon.  You make your parents very proud and represent all the children of Germany amazingly well.  Spaghetti Eis will be waiting for you!