As local, lifelong Alaskans, one of the most common things we’ve heard over the years from people curious about Alaska is…

“I’ve been dreaming of visiting Alaska my entire life!”

If this is something you’ve thought or said or dreamed, you’re not alone!  People of all ages and walks of life from all around the world share your same dream!

We’re here to make that dream a reality, and when you choose “Local” you’ll get the REAL Alaska!!  

So many other resorts in Alaska are run from afar by distant owners that live in California, Washington or Arizona (unfortunate truth). They hire guides from Florida or Oregon to take you fishing. They claim to be experts but have never really lived in Alaska themselves. We’re different. We’re local, always have been, and we’re here to share with you a real Alaskan experience and make sure you have a real good time.

From brainstorming in the early stages of your Alaska DreamTrip planning, to helping work out the finer details of your travel logistics, our aim is to bring your dream to life.  For years we’ve been helping families achieve their own version of The Alaska Dream–from honeymooners to anniversaries to graduation trips to family reunions–and we’re ready to help you and your family too!  Just reach out to us today by emailing or by calling 907-262-1717 and we’ll help get you moving north–North to Alaska!

Dreaming Big?  World record King Salmon fishing, wild beyond your dreams, more than a million Red Salmon, like other rivers dream about, Silver Salmon fishing in peace and solitude like you’re in a dream, and Trophy Rainbow Trout that make fly fishing dreams come true.  That’s what The Alaska Dream is about for many of our guests, and we enjoy making those dreams a reality every summer in Alaska.

But, maybe your dream is seeing freshly snowcapped Denali National Park in fall splendor, or just seeing a Moose and newborn calf up close and personal, or watching a Brown Bear feeding on salmon in a wild stream, or hearing a Bald Eagle soar so close above your head that you can hear it’s wings cut through the air—no matter what your Alaska Dream is–big or small–we have the passion, knowledge, and resources to help you see that dream come true.

No charge for free advice, no obligation to book with us, just an opportunity to share your dream and take those crucial first steps to making it happen!  Don’t wait for another year to go by just dreaming of Alaska, make this YOUR year to capture The Alaska Dream!