Snack & Tack Menu for the Fish!

Custom Tied “Salmon Stryker” Flies for Red Salmon  tjcjfly  2 for $5.00
Kwikfish Plugs in K13-K16 Sizes, rigged & ready with 7.0 Matzuo Octopus Hooks like the pros on the Kenai! Kenai River Backtrolling with Quikfish K16 plugs  $10.00
Beaumac Cheaters–All colors, all sizes, rigged & ready hand-tid with 40lb leaders & 7.0 Matzuo Octopus Sickle Hooks. BeauMac Cheaters drifting for King Salmon on the Kenai River $5/each
Spin-N-Glo Riggings–All colors, all sizes, rigged & ready.  Tasty! 40 lb leader hand-tied with 7.0 Matzuo Octopus Sickle Hooks   $5/each
Jumbo & Small Divers–Various colors, rigged & ready with 6 bead chains, clips, etc. (Rigged & ready for the Kenai River)  Luhr Jensen Jumbo Jet Divers for Kenai King Fishing  $12/Jumbo
Rental Fishing Poles (Red or Silver Salmon)  $2/Hour  $15/Day
King Salmon Rental Fishing Poles  ($10 gear deposit)  $3/Hour $20/Day
Assorted weights, clips, swivels, salmon eggs, egg loops, etc. Prices Vary


Menu for the Fishermen!

Espresso or Gourmet Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows $3.00
Waffle Cones or Spaghetti Ice Cream Sundaes $4.00
Chips, Popcorn, Nuts & other snacks $1.00
Cold Drinks:
–Coca Cola Products
–Pepsi Products
–Mt. Dew Red White & Blue or Pitch Black
–Orange Crush or Barq’s Root beer
–Lemonade, Bottled Water, & More
Assorted All Time Favorite Candy Bars $1.50
 S’More Kits for Two  $2.00
 Smoothies & Shakes  (assorted flavors)  $5.00
 Swedish Fish Cups  $.50
 Cotton Candy Cups, Cookies, Blueberry Donuts  $5.00