The two Kenai River wild Chinook (King) Salmon runs (early-May/June & late July) have been under stress in recent years, particularly between 2012~2016.  The runs have been closely monitored and restricted or closed based on in river estimates which come from both test netting and the new ADF&G sonar which has been moved upriver near mile 14.

The most avid and ethical fishermen, sportsmen, guides and local residents are overwhelmingly in favor of restrictions where necessary to ensure the survival and regrowth of these precious, wild salmon stocks. As much as we all love to King fish, we are all responsible for ensuring this unique and unparalleled resource is protected for future generations.

For the most up-to-date Kenai River Chinook (King) Salmon estimates for the current year and comparison to previous years please visit the following ADF&G Website